John Hogenesch, PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Systems Pharmacology, High Throughout Sequencing

John Hogenesch is Professor of Pediatrics, Deputy Director of the Center for Chronobiology, and Ohio Eminent Scholar. His interests include genome biology and its application to understanding circadian behavior. The Hogenesch lab focusses on the core clock mechanisms and how the clock governs physiology and behavior. These activities include systems approaches (e.g. Baggs et al., PLoS Biology, 2009; Hughes et al., PLoS Genetics, 2012), genomics and math (e.g. Hughes et al., PLoS Genetics, 2009; Hughes et al, JBR, 2012), and integrative approaches (e.g. Sato et al., Neuron, 2006, Anafi et al., PLoS Biology, 2014). This work included the discovery of several clock components (Bmal1, Rora, and Chrono). He has also maintained public databases for clock researchers (e.g. CircaDB) and non-clock researchers (e.g. the Gene Atlas, the Gene Wiki), collectively used millions of times each year.