Olga Troyanskaya, PhD

Princeton University
Systems, Modeling and Computation, Database and Integration

Dr. Troyanskaya is an expert in genomics data analysis, storage, and integration, as well as machine learning, statics, transcriptomics, and functional evolution of biological networks. Her laboratory develops systems for integrated analysis and visualization of diverse functional genomics data with the goal of understanding and modeling protein function, interactions, and regulation in biological pathways, especially as they relate to disease. Her group includes theoretical and experimental aspects, and has developed systematic and accurate methods for biological signal detection in high-throughput data sets and successfully used them to direct systematic, quantitative experiments. These algorithms are implemented in user-friendly public systems for integrated data analysis, exploration, and visualization that are widely used by the biology community, including bioPIXIE (yeast), mouseNET (mouse), and HEFalMP (human).