Investigators by research area

  • Posted on: 24 July 2013
  • By: Sven

The primary framework of the PENTACON collaboration is based on a series of interlocked cores organized around the main focus areas. Each core has a designated leader (in bold below) who is responsible for co-coordinating the efforts of core members and monitoring the interaction of that core with others in the PENTACON consortium. An alphabetical list of all of the investigators is also available.

Translational Therapeutics Focus Area: Garret FitzGerald

Zebrafish Model Core [MacRae, Grosser, FitzGerald]
Mouse Model Core [Funk, FitzGerald, Schadt, Grosser, Hla, Wiltshire]
Human Biology Core [Grosser, Skarke, Bushman, Hogenesch, Farrar, FitzGerald]

Bioinformatics Focus Area: Olga Troyanskaya

Curation Core [Dolinski, FitzGerald]
Data Integration, Software, and Resource Sharing Core [Kohane, Troyanskaya, Dolinski, Altman]
Systems, Modeling and Computation Cores [Troyanskaya, Iyengar, Altman, Kohane, Schadt]

Systems Pharmacology Focus Area: John Hogenesch

Systems Pharmacology Core [Hogenesch, Smith, Schadt, Iyengar, FitzGerald, Grosser, MacRae, Funk, Bushman, Skarke, Troyanskaya]
Molecular Profiling Core [Blair, Murphy, FitzGerald, Griffin, Grosser]
High Throughput Sequencing Core [Hogenesch, Bushman]

Population Pharmacology Focus Area: John Hwa

Population Pharmacology Core [Hwa, Kohane]

Administrative Focus Area: Garret FitzGerald

Administrative Core [FitzGerald, Grosser, Farrar]
Logistics Core [Grosser, Dolinski, Skarke, Farrar, Hogenesch, Blair]